When Messes are Dad Gum Fun

I love being fearless with my baking. I tend to try new things when people come over for dinner or when it’s someone’s birthday. My son’s second birthday is today and I thought I would utilize this occasion to make a lovely chocolate beet cake with cream cheese beet frosting. This is in NO way an attempt to get my kids to eat veggies (call me old fashion but I simply make them sit at their seat until their greens are in their tummy) by hiding them in a cake. This is a birthday people and on birthdays you don’t focus on healthy cakes. At least I don’t anyway. I want something to go in the memory bank and I thought this fun treat would do. The man of the home hasn’t been as thrilled as me for this cake (I have to admit, I have been talking about it ever since I saw beets at the farmers market) but I’m excited to surprise his taste buds.

Fun recipes mean fun messes. At least for me they do. Have you ever worked with beets? Or beets with kids?

beetmessWhen my 6-year-old saw this georgeous spill she nonchilantly says “yeah that’s fine. We have an Enviro Cloth…”. Yep we do. I personally don’t mind if my cleaning cloth becomes stained with beet juice.

FullSizeRender copyWhen the birthday kid found us making messes in the kitchen he didn’t want to miss out on the fun! I handed him a wisk and the dry ingredients were soon mixed AND spilled all over the floor. Nothing the mop can’t handle.

When the cakes were baking in the oven, the helpers dove into the left over batter in bowls and utelzels.

The end result:

FullSizeRender copy 2In case you are wondering how my fearless cake turned out, it was a hit. Even my husband loved it and even put a large piece on his nightstand so that he would have it waiting for him in the morning.

FullSizeRender copy 4

I love that I don’t have to completely freak out when mess bombs go off in my home. Norwex really does help ease the mess tension and gives me the green light to hand off cleaning tasks to the little people of the home. No chemicals and a very effective cloth give those little busy hands something to do and a mom that can sit a little longer with coffee in hand.

What a Mess!

Let me tell you how my Saturday went. We live in a fixer-upper house that we dream of selling someday for a profit. So when Saturdays come, my man and I have lovely tasks in mind to cross off the “to do” list. I wanted to strip all the nasty paint off the front porch and he wanted to tear a wall down and mow the lawn. Side note: Two days earlier, I went to the Home Depot with my 5 little ducklings in tow to buy play sand and a product that would help strip nasty porch paint. A nice man in the paint section, insisted that I try a product that would make all the paint come right off in minutes after the first application. AND it was affordable! So I applied the stuff that the Home Depot man suggested on my Saturday morning and soon realized how dangerously full of chemicals it was. If it came in contact with skin, burning would soon come. If it touched any plant it would also burn it to smithereens. I can’t believe I just took somebody’s word without really doing my own research!! As I worked, I couldn’t help but think of my kids that I come in contact with all day and exposing them to this junk. My poor man. He agreed to trade jobs with me. I mowed the lawn and he stripped the porch 🙁

Later that afternoon, I insisted that we all go on an outing to the Home Depot for porch paint. Man, I so wanted to get this project done! My oldest duckling put the puppy in his crate and off we went. We had a good time looking at our options then came right home to make dinner. My baby duck was super hungry and wanted to eat so I sat my a cozy chair to feed her and handed the dinner tasks over to husband. As soon as I sat down, my oldest duckling came running up the stairs, declaring that puppy had exploded in his crate and was COVERED in poop (my man had fed him some carrots earlier that afternoon. Enough said). Poor husband…he just gave our puppy a bath hours before…

To help ease some of the chaos, one child was told to clean potatoes in the bathroom for dinner and then help husband with puppy stuff. Meanwhile, I was trying to finish things in the kitchen while baby cried in her swing and toddler boy continually banged his kitchen stool into my heels. Some time went by and husband came up the stairs, declaring that we had a real problem. I came quickly to see the damages. (Remember how a child was cleaning potatoes in the bathroom?). The plugged sink was left on (the emergency drain is totally plugged with who knows what (remember how I told you this is a fixer upper house?)) and the bathroom was completely flooded and water was flowing into the hallway. The bathroom and hallway underneath in the basement was also flooded and walls and ceilings were nice and soggy.

And this is how our Saturday ended.

Norwex used for the day:

Bath towels to clean flooded bathroom (thank goodness they absorb 7 times their weight in water!!)

Body cloths to clean my skin from the pant stripping project and dirty kid feet at the end of the day

Enviro cloth to clean poopy puppy mess, kitchen cleanup, and probably a lot more!

Chemical free hand sanitizer while touching all sorts of germy things at the Home Depot

Travel Enviro Cloth to clean baby spit-ups

A New Appreciation!

In the past month we have added two new members to the family. Yes two.

First came Silas:


And then came Ariane:


Our daily life is more lively then ever with these little ones which I really really wouldn’t change for the world. I have to admit, with a puppy and a baby in our home, a new found appreciation for Norwex has risen. I have used my Enviro Cloth more then I can remember with puppy accidents and oh man…this lovely product sure comes in handy when we wake up to a nasty NASTY dog crate:


With summer almost here, my four walking kids plus the puppy are always going in and out to play…making my lovely hardwood floor quite drab. The Superior mop is amazing. The dry head picks up the pet hair and any dry crumb laying around and then the wet head makes my floors look like new again in seconds. I probably mostly love that it’s SO fast and easy (which is key in my life!).

I have used my Travel pack throughout the day for spit up spots on my clothes and the UPP laundry detergent non-stop. The fact that Norwex makes my life simple and cost effective is great but I’m so glad that I’m not exposing my new little girl to chemicals. I’m super excited to spread the word even more because everyone needs to at least know that there is another way!

My Husband’s Favorite

Oh those never ending dishes! We all need to eat to live which inevitably causes many dirty dishes in the process .  Before Norwex, dealing with our stinky dish sponge (or cloth) wasn’t fun. I felt like it always smelled nasty no matter what I did! Bacteria LOVES living in those damp, soapy, covered-in-food-bits sponges/dish rags which causes the odor.

dish cloth blog post

The solution? You have to try the Dish Cloth! The Dish Cloth is a netted nylon cloth used either folded or scrunched up. Simply use wet with your dish liquid. I have had mine for almost three years and it’s still going strong (saving me tons of $ on sponges and stink hassle). I try to give one away at my Norwex parties because this cloth is SO used in my home!




*Scrubs dishes really well. Gets dried egg off with ease and does not scratch.

*Does not stink

*Dries quickly

*Durable and inexpensive

*Great for getting dried dough off counter tops


*Can be too big for some people (could cut it in half)


*Cannot use to clean counters


What are your thoughts on the netted dish cloth?

My Microfiber Favorites

Of course I believe that every new Norwexer should have the Enviro cloth, Window cloth, and Dusting mitt (also known as the Household Package).


With these three things, here are just some of the things you can eliminate from your home, saving you $$ and health:

Paper Towels


Your All Purpose Surface cleaners (you know the brands ;-))

Dusting Spray

Bathroom cleaners

That blue window cleaner

Carpet stain remover

Granite cleaner

and more…


There are a few more things in my home that I would classify as my favorites.

The bathroom scrub mitt! I love that bathroom cleaning is no longer an aerobic exercise. This silver embedded mitt never smells and has a rougher side that is great for getting all the soap scum, foot dirt, and anything else out of your nasty tub, shower, or sink. Leave it hanging in the shower and merrily clean your surroundings while feeling the warm water beat upon your back.

norwex-Bathroom-Scrub-MittThe Magic Wand or Magic Sword according to my boys! (also known as the Norwex Enviro Wand). This thing bends and great for those nasty ceiling fans, hard to reach dusty ledges, blinds, appliances and more and more and more…


And last and more certainly NOT least…the Superior MOP! I love that I only need water to clean my new hardwood floors. I love that I can quickly and easily use the dry pad to remove the husband hair off the bathroom floor. It reaches in far and seemingly impossible places. It’s made for years of use. Want it for FREE? Share Norwex with your friends and host a party or start your own Norwex business and get it in the start up kit. Enough said.

Superior Mop