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Daily Archives: January 4, 2019

On the Fence about Hosting?

I sing praises of joy every.single.time I submit a Norwex party for my hostesses. Why? Because closing a “cloth” party means a lot more than submitting some sales and more money in my bank account. Let me explain…

I joined Norwex 6.5 years ago with many fears:

“What do I do if no one will book parties?”

“Booking parties will be hard.”

“My friends are too set in their ways…they won’t see the value in this stuff.”

…and on and on they went in my head. Then I hosted MY own party and was floored at how many things Norwex gave me totally for free, simply because I was sharing this “cleaning with a cloth and water” new thing with my young, single income friends. As I continued to share Norwex one party at a time, I soon saw that each party is a HUGE gift and my limiting mindsets changed. It’s a gift to every guest for learning how to remove toxins from their homes in a FUN and relational way without a pressure imposed sales pitch. It’s a gift to the hostess for having the opportunity to share the mission with her friends and family and in the process, earn $100s in free products for her home (my typical hostess earns over $300 in product!!).

Here’s the deal. Friends don’t let friends clean with toxic chemicals. So if you carry fears that your house isn’t perfect or your friends won’t be into saving time, money, and improving their health, or whatever is holding you back, I promise you that at least ONE person will appreciate learning about Norwex and how it’s blessed you. If you have been considering hosting a Norwex party for year, or even just a week, I would LOVE to talk about how we can make that happen! I promise you won’t regret it.