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Get your home clean FASTER than ever!

It’s a fresh new year everyone! A wonderful time to start new things, chase dreams, and leave behind what isn’t helping us. Want to know something you can totally leave behind in 2018? Taking forever to get your house clean! I get it. Usually, cleaning takes time and effort. You have to pull out a different product for each job, run back and forth to the sink rinsing said product out of your sponge before adding another product, get on your knees, crawl around, do somersaults…okay, maybe not the last one but it’s exhausting!!! What if I told you I know how you can shave hours off of your time spent cleaning in 2019? Well…I CAN! I’m going to highlight 3 of my favorite Norwex products, specifically products that are the best TIME SAVERS! I totally believe with these 3 items, you can cut your cleaning time in half!

The Mop!!! This may very well be my favorite product ever created. It’s amazing how much time this saves. No longer do you need a bucket full of water & chemicals, no longer do you need to wring out the mop head, not with the Norwex mop system! With 6 kiddos running in and out all day long, I have constant messes be made. Muddy footprints, crumbs, scraps, dirt, etc. I can’t even imagine how many hours a day I’d be mopping, if it wasn’t for our Norwex mop. The thought of filling a bucket and going through that whole process every time the floor gets dirty is not appealing! The Norwex mop is so quick and easy, all you do is run the mop pad under water and do your thing!! One pad can almost always clean your floors without having to be rinsed, unless it’s a HUGE mess. So, no running back and forth rinsing and squeezing. So simple even the kids can do it! No chemicals. Fast. What’s not to love?! You’ll be shocked by how much time (and sanity) this product save you. It’s a real game changer.

EnviroWand – The EnviroWand is bendable and flexible to make dusting any space super simple! This guy can reach under couches and beds, fan blades, TVs, tops of dressers, desks, countertops, tables, any nook or cranny that you can imagine! Dust literally CLINGS to the two-sided chenille sleeve and doesn’t get spread all over the surface or drop down on the floor. This makes dusting a quick, easy chore…I almost don’t even want to call it a chore when you have the EnviroWand!! Gone are the days of whisping dust all over the house with your feather duster! You’ll be so pleased with the EnviroWand and how simple and FAST it makes dusting!

Window Cloth – If you don’t have a window cloth in your life…it’s time to change that! Cleaning windows will become a breeze! What sold me on this product was the complete lack of streaks on windows after use. I could NOT find anything that wouldn’t leave streaks or dust particles on my windows after wiping…until THIS! Just wipe windows with a damp EnviroCloth, then polish with the window cloth and they’ll seriously look just like new. I LOVE that this doesn’t require the use of any common chemical sprays, all natural cleaning here guys! 

Make 2019 a year you spend less time cleaning and more time doing things you LOVE! 

How to stop static clothes after winter washing!

Something that plagues most of us this time of year is the dry winter air! My kids are so fascinated by static electricity and how they can rub against something fabric and shock their siblings. While static electricity can be fun for kiddos, it is quite annoying when it disrupts the laundry process. How many of you go to grab clothes from the dryer to start folding and find they’re clinging together due to static electricity?! I know it was happening with our clothes ALL THE TIME during winters, until I started using…

DRYER BALLS! Even during the cold, dry winter months, these guys keep our clothes from clinging and make them super soft feeling, without having to use fabric softener. Also, they are high quality and last what seems like forever! I’ve had mine for years now, so it’s safe to say we’ve saved hundreds of dollars using dryer balls vs if we were to be using fabric softener. If you haven’t jumped on the dryer ball train yet, there’s no better time than now!!

Norwex Napkins – An amazing way to cut down on waste!

If you are familiar with Norwex, you know the products strive to promote waste reduction. An amazing way I’ve found that helped my family drastically reduce our paper waste is… Norwex Napkins!!


While paper products are biodegradable, just think how many trees we go through as a country to keep up with this habit of consumption and disposal! An average American consumes around 2,200 paper napkins per year. 2,200 napkins multiplied by approximately 315 million Americans = 693 BILLION napkins/year. Holy smokes!!


Here is how YOU can make a small change that has a HUGE impact. If every person used just ONE LESS napkin per day, 1 billion pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills. Yes, 1 billion pounds! If giving up paper napkins sounds overwhelming to you, and you dread having to wash cloth napkins after every meal, not to fear!! Norwex Napkins contain BacLock. This means that after each use, these guys self-sanitize because of the embedded microsilver – killing bacteria & mildew so it can’t reproduce. How great is that?! Of course you should wash them occasionally, but a good shake down works wonders for removing crumbs, AND they dry quickly should they need a quick run under the faucet. My family washes ours after a few uses.

I can’t leave out this awesome fact – each set of 4 Norwex Napkins is made from 5 recycled plastic bottles! Even though they’re made from recycled material, these napkins come in 2 colors that can be dressed up or down, creating the perfect addition to your family dinner table!


Two lovely colors + BACLOCK + getting the job done (better than paper in my opinion) makes these nifty napkins your perfect all around solution! I encourage you to give them a try! If you don’t want to quit paper napkins cold turkey, start by having one paper napkin-less meal per day…it can make a huge difference for our earth!

Getting your oven ready for Thanksgiving cooking!

Thanksgiving is just a week away! If your family does Thanksgiving anything like mine – then your kitchen is probably about to be in overdrive! Am I the only one whose oven accumulates grease and sticky stuff and YUCK as the days go by?! Here’s how I get my oven and stove looking like BRAND NEW before all the cooking, and after.


For the INSIDE –

Oven grates and doors can be so difficult to clean! With grimy, greasy, and burned on food – they’re definitely not on my list of favorites to clean!! The Oven & Grill Cleaner is the perfect way to get your oven nice and clean and grime free in time for turkey cooking! Your oven window will be so clean, you’ll be able to actually see your mouthwatering food as it cooks!



For the OUTSIDE –

With 6 kiddos and lots of cooking at home, our stove gets TONS of use. And with all that use comes, you guessed it – DIRT! Sometimes it takes a little more help than just a cloth and water, and Cleaning Paste is the perfect solution to get the job done. Not only can it work wonders on your stove, but it is useful for so many cleaning problems around the house! Purchase some today and you’ll not just love it for cleaning your stove before holiday cooking – but you’ll be so glad to have it around for other household messes!

Click either photo to purchase yours today – hurry, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Norwex Veggie & Fruit Cloth and Produce Wash for Thanksgiving cooking!

The holiday season is upon us and first up is one of my personal favorites – THANKSGIVING! I wanted to pop in and tell you guys about the amazing Veggie & Fruit cloth and Wash – and why you should totally purchase one (or both!) before loads upon loads of food are brought into your kitchen for Thanksgiving cooking.


The Veggie & Fruit Cloth is wonderful for scrubbing fresh produce before consuming. Many growers use toxic treatment on produce to protect it from critters and fungus, which is NOT something you want to end up in your tummy. Many growers also utilize wax spray to coat produce to prevent it from decaying quickly. This waxy layer is great at catching unwanted dirt, grime, and bacteria – even if you can’t see it! The cloth has 2 sides, one scrubby side used to remove dirt and bacteria, and a softer side for polishing off produce like fruit. I’ve found this works wonders for cleaning off potatoes and carrots, two mega popular foods in our house for our Thanksgiving meal!


The Produce Wash is so quick to use. Simply fill up your sink with water and add the suggested amount of Produce Wash, then let your veggies and fruits quickly soak before removing! I shared last week how our family made and canned 104 quarts of homemade applesauce. The Produce Wash was a HUGE help. It effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilizers, dirt and bacteria. The plant-based formula contains no phosphates, sulfates or parabens so you can feed your family without worry. Plus, it helps to extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables! This awesome Produce Wash can bring you peace of mind as you serve your delicious Thanksgiving meal to family and friends!



You can click on either picture to order yours today!