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A Birthday Sale!!

Goodness I love a good sale ๐Ÿ™‚

I personally LOVE the kids mop special ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have two of the kids mops and it makes chore time glorious when they have the Norwex tools to do a great job. Even the baby loves it!

This sale will be lasting just a month while supplies last!! (Click here to view the sale)


What a Mess!

Let me tell you how my Saturday went. We live in a fixer-upper house that we dream of selling someday for a profit. So when Saturdays come, my man and I have lovely tasks in mind to cross off the “to do” list. I wanted to strip all the nasty paint off the front porch and he wanted to tear a wall down and mow the lawn. Side note: Two days earlier, I went to the Home Depot with my 5 little ducklings in tow to buy play sand and a product that would help strip nasty porch paint. A nice man in the paint section, insisted that I try a product that would make all the paint come right off in minutes after the first application. AND it was affordable! So I applied the stuff that the Home Depot man suggested on my Saturday morning and soon realized how dangerously full of chemicals it was. If it came in contact with skin, burning would soon come. If it touched any plant it would also burn it to smithereens. I can’t believe I just took somebody’s word without really doing my own research!! As I worked, I couldn’t help but think of my kids that I come in contact with all day and exposing them to this junk. My poor man. He agreed to trade jobs with me. I mowed the lawn and he stripped the porch ๐Ÿ™

Later that afternoon, I insisted that we all go on an outing to the Home Depot for porch paint. Man, I so wanted to get this project done! My oldest duckling put the puppy in his crate and off we went. We had a good time looking at our options then came right home to make dinner. My baby duck was super hungry and wanted to eat so I sat my a cozy chair to feed her and handed the dinner tasks over to husband. As soon as I sat down, my oldest duckling came running up the stairs, declaring that puppy had exploded in his crate and was COVERED in poop (my man had fed him some carrots earlier that afternoon. Enough said). Poor husband…he just gave our puppy a bath hours before…

To help ease some of the chaos, one child was told to clean potatoes in the bathroom for dinner and then help husband with puppy stuff. Meanwhile, I was trying to finish things in the kitchen while baby cried in her swing and toddler boy continually banged his kitchen stool into my heels. Some time went by and husband came up the stairs, declaring that we had a real problem. I came quickly to see the damages. (Remember how a child was cleaning potatoes in the bathroom?). The plugged sink was left on (the emergency drain is totally plugged with who knows what (remember how I told you this is a fixer upper house?)) and the bathroom was completely flooded and water was flowing into the hallway. The bathroom and hallway underneath in the basement was also flooded and walls and ceilings were nice and soggy.

And this is how our Saturday ended.

Norwex used for the day:

Bath towels to clean flooded bathroom (thank goodness they absorb 7 times their weight in water!!)

Body cloths to clean my skin from the pant stripping project and dirty kid feet at the end of the day

Enviro cloth to clean poopy puppy mess, kitchen cleanup, and probably a lot more!

Chemical free hand sanitizer while touching all sorts of germy things at the Home Depot

Travel Enviro Cloth to clean baby spit-ups