God Sized Dreams

As children we dream and imagine how our lives will be without focusing on limitations. I grew up on an Emu farm in the countryside of Vermont where I was encouraged to roam free every chance I could. Good memories and work ethic were built during my childhood farm days and my childhood dream pretty much mimicked that.

White Farmhouses and Red Barns in the Dream

Then, like most people, hardships entered my life and the culture around me told me that to be successful was to go to college to get a degree and then work a 9-5 plus job BUT don’t have crazy dreams and vision because that just isn’t safe and you might mess up. The more I listened to these voices, the dream of living on a farm in the countryside started to fade. My limiting beliefs only grew when I decided to leave my engineering job to have more flexibility with my growing family (this was one of the best decisions that I ever made mind you!) because when going from two incomes to one income without good benefits, the monthly budget became very tight. I remember needing to sell the second car to pay the home birth midwife and wondering how we were going to fill the oil tank to heat the house so how on earth could we EVER save enough for a future farm? But man…what a gift that season was! In the middle of pinching pennies and raising littles, Norwex was plopped into my life through a health issue that I was having. I didn’t have the money to buy all the things that I really wanted for my home, so I decided to host my own party and from that party I decided to join the business (I was clueless on how to do this party plan type of business and even had some negative thoughts about parties in general but I knew that the products ROCKED and some extra wiggle room in our monthly budget sounded appealing too).

Looking back, if I had more money to spend when I learned about Norwex, I may not have hosted my party and then would have been robbed of this incredible opportunity. One party at a time, I grew and God revealed my limiting beliefs and He told me to remember my childhood dream. Only I put those limits on myself and chose to believe the lie that a huge goal wasn’t attainable. I daily choose to say no to doubts and yes to our future red barns, Friesian horses, cows, kids working in the muck and mud and manure, husband working with his hands while teaching our kids how to push through hardships. Each day brings us closer to this dream and I believe that anyone living in this country can live the life and dream that God has given them too.

Friesian Horses

One of the most invaluable lessons that I have learned from growing my Norwex business is to dream and dream big, while having the courage to take action with the risk of failure. Now I see that I wasn’t giving myself permission to dream BIG because of fear and the reasons that I can’t do something are simply excuses. I LOVE helping my teammates dream again and give them a plan to crush their goals.

Now let me ask you, what are your BIG dreams? What are the reasons that you are not going for this dream? What are the limits that you are putting on yourself (or the limits that others are putting on you that you are choosing to listen to)?

Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List!

I love the idea of gifts that are a “themed” bundle! They’re so useful, and you can get super creative with different themes! Here are a few I’ve come up with that you can make into cute bundles like in the picture. Feel free to put your own touch on these!


For the one who loves to cook –

Norwex cutting board. These are an awesome way to help reduce plastics in the kitchen. Molded from natural Rice Husks, the Norwex Cutting Board is an essential essential kitchen tool! Made from biodegradable materials, it’s easy to clean, and has an extremely durable composition to protect your counters from knife damage.

Fruit and Veggie Wash. Anyone who cooks at home often would so appreciate this! Naturally removes toxins, chemicals, and dirt from produce.

Kitchen cloth or towel. You can’t have enough cloths in your kitchen! I know the kitchen is where my family gets the most use out of cloths with so many sticky fingers always needing wiping!


For the Pet Parent –

Pet Towel. I don’t know about you, but I love having a separate pet towel so I don’t have to share mine with our horse-sized dog who loves to roll in chicken poop all day!! Your gift recipient will love having a BacLoc towel for their fur baby.

Pet Mitt. The Pet Mitt fits comfortably on your hand to help make bath time a breeze for you and your pet. Used wet, it gently cleans your pet, lifting dirt and hair up into the extra-absorbent microfibers. Great for wiping and drying muddy paws at the door.

Lint Mitt. Guys, this is a game changer. Especially for people with pets and all that hair! Such a quick way to swipe down any surface or clothes and remove unwanted hair. Plus, no more needing to use sheet after sheet of lint roller paper!


For any kiddo in your life –

Pet-to-dry Towel. Not only are these ADORABLE, but kids LOVE them and will have more fun washing their hands with these little buddies close by. Comes in 4 options – kitten, bear, pig, and tiger!

Norwex strawberry toothpaste. Kiddos love flavored toothpaste in my experience! Gift this to a child in your life and feel confident knowing this unique formula is free from artificial flavors, dyes and sweeteners. Cleans teeth naturally without the risk of ingesting harmful chemicals!

Kids Dusting Mitt. Okay, maybe this will end up being more of a gift to the parents!! The kiddo will feel special having their own special dusting mitt just like mom’s. Put this sucker on the child’s hand and let them run rampant dusting any surface they can get their little fingers on!


For someone who needs some nice relaxation  – 

Norwex Sea Salt Scrub. This stuff is AMAZING. Enriched with Dead Sea Salts containing 26 minerals, this remarkable organic-certified cleansing scrub removes dry, flaky skin, providing a smooth finish and velvety feel. The rich, essential oils inspire a sense of ease and relaxation. Contains no preservatives or perfumes. For all skin types. Guys, this will have you (or your gift recipient) feeling like they just left the spa.

Timeless Rescue Gel. An on-the-go lifesaver! I keep this stuff on hand at home for when my neck & shoulders need some love. The unique roller-ball application supplies a synergistic blend of naturally sourced and organic botanical extracts that work together to provide a mind-relaxing formula with a tingling sensation that promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. The Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel is formulated with plant-based ingredients cultivated through organic farming. It comes in a convenient, travel-sized package that’s easy to use and easy to store in your purse, desk or car.

Norwex foot stone. Nature’s remedy for dry, rough skin. Like a pedicure at home!!


For a friend who hasn’t been introduced to Norwex yet – 

Envirocloth. It’s the everything cloth!! Maybe you think gifting “cleaning supplies” isn’t common, but I can assure you it will be appreciated!! After your gift recipient realizes how easy and time-saving these products are, they’ll be so thankful.

Window Cloth. Another of Norwex’s best selling products. These help get window cleaning done so quickly and without the need for chemicals! Give someone the gift of being able to rid their house of yucky toxins!

Dusting Mitt. This is used CONSTANTLY around my house so I know others would so appreciate it! Anything that makes dusting easy, fast, and effective is a WIN in my book!!


There you have them! My ideas of some cute themed Norwex gift bundles that I totally believe people will LOVE and be thankful for, for years to come!

Celebrating Advent in our Home

I just love this time of year! It’s just magical.  Especially when there are little kids in the home. I remember little glimpses of my childhood during the holiday season and how it felt to count down the days until Christmas with eager anticipation. I want this season to be remembered as a time of focusing on the reason for advent and why we are celebrating the Christmas cheer.

In addition to baking tasty treats, decorating the house, wrapping gifts and writing cards, we as a family do a few special family activities  from December 1st leading up until the birth of Jesus and we are still adding to the “Advent List”. Just tonight we were making a list of 24 things that we could intentionally plan as a family to plan to do to celebrate Advent. Some things included a Christmas sing-along, gingerbread houses, make cookies, drive around looking at Christmas lights..

This book has been a wonderful story to read to the children during advent. My 10, 8, 7, and 5 year old kids sit (while the 3 and 1-year olds tinker about) with listening ears while they hear about the hard journey of a boy, how he looses his parents to Roman soldiers and how he eventually comes to see baby Jesus. Everyday the kids beg me to read more after each chapter. After each chapter, we talk about the coming of Christ’s birthday and what that means for us. We have also read this story as well and love it.

We have two advent calendars in our home. One for mom and dad and one for the children. We typically put treats in the pouches but we’re going to try something a little different this year. My husband is coming up with a scavenger hunt and will put clues in each pouch.

It takes time and planning to develop a family tradition. I love hearing how other family intentionally celebrate this season! We have a choice of focusing on the gifts around us.  A heart of gratitude will change your life and the lives of people that you mingle with. If I’m not intentional about writing down the gifts in my life and verbally acknowledging them, then I miss out on what’s right in front of me.

How do you celebrate Advent? What memories do you have growing up that you appreciate and intend on continuing with your family?

Triclosan – Common Household Chemical of the Month

I thought it would be interesting and informative to start highlighting a common household chemical/toxin every month. There are so many icky toxins in our homes, and the crazy thing is that most people just don’t know about them, or are so accustomed to using them that they’ve never thought about the negative effects! I’m hoping that by shining light on certain chemicals, that eyes will be opened to their dangers and side effects and that more homes will kick them to the curb!


Where is it found? In most liquid dishwashing detergents, as well as hand soaps labeled “antibacterial”.

What is it? An aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Rebecca Sutton, PhD, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group explains “The American Medical Association has found no evidence that these antimicrobials make us healthier or safer, and they’re particularly concerned because they don’t want us overusing antibacterial chemicals — that’s how microbes develop resistance, and not just to these [household antibacterials], but also to real antibiotics that we need.” Other studies have now found dangerous concentrations of triclosan in rivers and streams, where it is toxic to algae. The EPA is currently investigating whether triclosan may also disrupt endocrine (hormonal) function. It is a probable carcinogen.

Why you should kick it to the curb. It’s likely a carcinogen – aka a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue. It disrupts hormone function. It helps in building resistance of antibiotics, which is not good when your body actually needs them!

Safer Substitutes


Norwex hand wash and dishwashing liquid! My kids LOVE the hand soap because it foams. The dishwashing liquid smells so yummy, and they are both SUCH safer alternatives. Click on either photo to grab yours today 🙂

Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is always a season that makes me really check my heart attitude. I tell my kids that being grateful is a choice and doesn’t depend on our circumstances. But it takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. As people, we are can easily go down the “grass is greener over yonder and life stinks and I would rather work somewhere else and I hate doing all this laundry and dishes! look at all the dishes!…la la la la la” road of complaining. I once heard someone say that complaining is like throwing up on people. I would say that’s true.

So I have learned over the years that being grateful starts with ME making a choice to practice gratefulness and then taking action. Did you know that your thoughts are powerful and can be controlled? Being intentional about replacing the negative thoughts about the mountains of laundry and the amount of time spent in the kitchen cooking for my family, with grateful thoughts of the people that I get to serve and the fact that I’m not alone and have food. “Put your focus not on what you HAVE to do but what you GET to do” (I can’t remember who said that wise statement). This includes changing 10 poopie diapers in one day and breaking up kid fights over and over again.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a really great way of being intentional about the gifts in life. I have a page in my planner that’s dedicated to gratefulness. Constantly voicing how blessed we are to my children in place of complaints has to happen as these little people watch mom and dad. The book “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp is absolutely amazing and a must read for all that wish to learn how to live a life of gratitude and how to be intentional.

What are some ways that you are intentional about choosing gratefulness? With Thanksgiving in two days, let’s think about ways we can choose JOY and GRATEFULNESS over stress & worry & envy. Not only on Thanksgiving – but every day of the year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends!