God Sized Dreams

As children we dream and imagine how our lives will be without focusing on limitations. I grew up on an Emu farm in the countryside of Vermont where I was encouraged to roam free every chance I could. Good memories and work ethic were built during my childhood farm days and my childhood dream pretty much mimicked that.

White Farmhouses and Red Barns in the Dream

Then, like most people, hardships entered my life and the culture around me told me that to be successful was to go to college to get a degree and then work a 9-5 plus job BUT don’t have crazy dreams and vision because that just isn’t safe and you might mess up. The more I listened to these voices, the dream of living on a farm in the countryside started to fade. My limiting beliefs only grew when I decided to leave my engineering job to have more flexibility with my growing family (this was one of the best decisions that I ever made mind you!) because when going from two incomes to one income without good benefits, the monthly budget became very tight. I remember needing to sell the second car to pay the home birth midwife and wondering how we were going to fill the oil tank to heat the house so how on earth could we EVER save enough for a future farm? But man…what a gift that season was! In the middle of pinching pennies and raising littles, Norwex was plopped into my life through a health issue that I was having. I didn’t have the money to buy all the things that I really wanted for my home, so I decided to host my own party and from that party I decided to join the business (I was clueless on how to do this party plan type of business and even had some negative thoughts about parties in general but I knew that the products ROCKED and some extra wiggle room in our monthly budget sounded appealing too).

Looking back, if I had more money to spend when I learned about Norwex, I may not have hosted my party and then would have been robbed of this incredible opportunity. One party at a time, I grew and God revealed my limiting beliefs and He told me to remember my childhood dream. Only I put those limits on myself and chose to believe the lie that a huge goal wasn’t attainable. I daily choose to say no to doubts and yes to our future red barns, Friesian horses, cows, kids working in the muck and mud and manure, husband working with his hands while teaching our kids how to push through hardships. Each day brings us closer to this dream and I believe that anyone living in this country can live the life and dream that God has given them too.

Friesian Horses

One of the most invaluable lessons that I have learned from growing my Norwex business is to dream and dream big, while having the courage to take action with the risk of failure. Now I see that I wasn’t giving myself permission to dream BIG because of fear and the reasons that I can’t do something are simply excuses. I LOVE helping my teammates dream again and give them a plan to crush their goals.

Now let me ask you, what are your BIG dreams? What are the reasons that you are not going for this dream? What are the limits that you are putting on yourself (or the limits that others are putting on you that you are choosing to listen to)?