Get your home clean FASTER than ever!

It’s a fresh new year everyone! A wonderful time to start new things, chase dreams, and leave behind what isn’t helping us. Want to know something you can totally leave behind in 2018? Taking forever to get your house clean! I get it. Usually, cleaning takes time and effort. You have to pull out a different product for each job, run back and forth to the sink rinsing said product out of your sponge before adding another product, get on your knees, crawl around, do somersaults…okay, maybe not the last one but it’s exhausting!!! What if I told you I know how you can shave hours off of your time spent cleaning in 2019? Well…I CAN! I’m going to highlight 3 of my favorite Norwex products, specifically products that are the best TIME SAVERS! I totally believe with these 3 items, you can cut your cleaning time in half!

The Mop!!! This may very well be my favorite product ever created. It’s amazing how much time this saves. No longer do you need a bucket full of water & chemicals, no longer do you need to wring out the mop head, not with the Norwex mop system! With 6 kiddos running in and out all day long, I have constant messes be made. Muddy footprints, crumbs, scraps, dirt, etc. I can’t even imagine how many hours a day I’d be mopping, if it wasn’t for our Norwex mop. The thought of filling a bucket and going through that whole process every time the floor gets dirty is not appealing! The Norwex mop is so quick and easy, all you do is run the mop pad under water and do your thing!! One pad can almost always clean your floors without having to be rinsed, unless it’s a HUGE mess. So, no running back and forth rinsing and squeezing. So simple even the kids can do it! No chemicals. Fast. What’s not to love?! You’ll be shocked by how much time (and sanity) this product save you. It’s a real game changer.

EnviroWand – The EnviroWand is bendable and flexible to make dusting any space super simple! This guy can reach under couches and beds, fan blades, TVs, tops of dressers, desks, countertops, tables, any nook or cranny that you can imagine! Dust literally CLINGS to the two-sided chenille sleeve and doesn’t get spread all over the surface or drop down on the floor. This makes dusting a quick, easy chore…I almost don’t even want to call it a chore when you have the EnviroWand!! Gone are the days of whisping dust all over the house with your feather duster! You’ll be so pleased with the EnviroWand and how simple and FAST it makes dusting!

Window Cloth – If you don’t have a window cloth in your life…it’s time to change that! Cleaning windows will become a breeze! What sold me on this product was the complete lack of streaks on windows after use. I could NOT find anything that wouldn’t leave streaks or dust particles on my windows after wiping…until THIS! Just wipe windows with a damp EnviroCloth, then polish with the window cloth and they’ll seriously look just like new. I LOVE that this doesn’t require the use of any common chemical sprays, all natural cleaning here guys! 

Make 2019 a year you spend less time cleaning and more time doing things you LOVE!