October is my Favorite

Here we are!  Halfway through October with fall in full swing.  Don’t you just love the chilly nights followed by the warm sun, lighting up the changing colors and peeking into our windows.  (Unless you live in northeast, which likely has the sun blazing in all its glory above a thick layer of heavy clouds, but take heart – it is still there shining away).


We just went through all the fall/winter clothing for the kids.  It took a while, and fortunately we only needed about 36 pairs of pants and 28 long-sleeved shirts.  Praise the Lord that our trip to VA Beach goes right by the Williamson Outlet Mall.  Oshkosh had a door buster sale; buy one pair of pants, get two pairs free.


All of our windows are open.  Cold night air wafts through bringing our house temps into the 50s.  But the daytime air lifts the temperature into the high 60s.  These days won’t last much longer.  The kids have figured out that layering up is the answer, but where do socks go?  My oldest has lost all her socks in the heat of summer, and is now fraught with anguish for her careless treatment of the socks.


October is also one of busiest months for Norwex.  Parties are happening everywhere.  Thoughts of holiday guests and subsequent cleaning probably drive your thoughts to clean corners and shiny showers.  Maybe fear of the cold and flu season has you clutching your EnviroCloth and inhaling through it like a facemask during the SARs panic of 2003.  It could be that Norwex makes a great gift, and partying is a way to get incredible amounts of free products!  What about that whole get-dark-early thing that has us pining for companionship and connection when the sun sets and it is only 6:00?  Whatever the case is having friends over to celebrate this special time of year, panicked thoughts of visitors, or just a “late evening” to share the truth of Norwex, October is the time to do it!


Also, if you are looking for some extra cash, ask me about the business!  It is a very rewarding opportunity!


Don’t forget, take walks, snuggle, drink hot cider, plan for the holidays to keep the stress low, and clean like your life depends on it.

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