My Microfiber Favorites

Of course I believe that every new Norwexer should have the Enviro cloth, Window cloth, and Dusting mitt (also known as the Household Package).


With these three things, here are just some of the things you can eliminate from your home, saving you $$ and health:

Paper Towels


Your All Purpose Surface cleaners (you know the brands ;-))

Dusting Spray

Bathroom cleaners

That blue window cleaner

Carpet stain remover

Granite cleaner

and more…


There are a few more things in my home that I would classify as my favorites.

The bathroom scrub mitt! I love that bathroom cleaning is no longer an aerobic exercise. This silver embedded mitt never smells and has a rougher side that is great for getting all the soap scum, foot dirt, and anything else out of your nasty tub, shower, or sink. Leave it hanging in the shower and merrily clean your surroundings while feeling the warm water beat upon your back.

norwex-Bathroom-Scrub-MittThe Magic Wand or Magic Sword according to my boys! (also known as the Norwex Enviro Wand). This thing bends and great for those nasty ceiling fans, hard to reach dusty ledges, blinds, appliances and more and more and more…


And last and more certainly NOT least…the Superior MOP! I love that I only need water to clean my new hardwood floors. I love that I can quickly and easily use the dry pad to remove the husband hair off the bathroom floor. It reaches in far and seemingly impossible places. It’s made for years of use. Want it for FREE? Share Norwex with your friends and host a party or start your own Norwex business and get it in the start up kit. Enough said.

Superior Mop




  1. VPS server | 27th Apr 16

    What are the cloths made out of? I checked out the Norwex website and it does not actually say what they are made out of. My husband says that microfiber cloths are made out of plastic?? Please help. I would like to try these but am deleting all plastic out of the house. Thanks!

    • melissa | 9th May 16

      Great question! Microfiber is made from a petroleum derivative which enables the manufacture to split the fibers much smaller than you could a natural fiber. A natural fiber (such as cotton) is much much larger than the fibers which push germs/grime around the surface. Norwex microfiber makes it possible for you to completely avoid the harsh toxic chemicals that we typically would have to use to get a surface as clean as we are with just water. I also love the fact that Norwex has a recycling program in place for those cloths which have reached their lifespan and the dyes used in the cloths are all natural.

  2. Hebergeur | 24th May 16

    Where to begin?! I usually use coconut oil to remove eye makeup but am curious to find out how well the microfiber makeup remover works. And would it remove waterproof mascara from makeup brushes? Also, the dusting mitt and window polishing cloth sound great! Wonder how much easier than the newspaper and water method for windows that I use?

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