Slaying Debt and Building a Financial Legacy

I met my husband 12 years ago at our private college while in our junior year. We got married with $50,000 in student loans with the vision to slay that giant as quickly as possible. We landed our first jobs out of college, had our first baby, and bought our first home. Then a wrench was thrown into our financial plan when I lost my job during the economy crash and I was unable to find another job in my field that would be enough to pay for daycare and contribute to our debt giant. And so it sat there, over our heads and I will tell you that I felt defeated. I remember thinking how impossible it felt to get ahead and then save for our dream (a farmette in the country).

Consumer debt in our nation is at an all time high. Too many times I have heard stories of people that feel defeated under a piles of college, credit card, car, mortgage and more as people feel pressure to keep up and provide their families with an abundant life. People embrace the lie that you HAVE to go into debt to build good credit (so that you can go into more debt!) and get the opportunities to get ahead in life.

Before joining Norwex and starting my own business from home, I was a hostess, getting ready to host a Norwex party to learn more about it and get some things for my home. In my hosting materials, there was a sheet titled “Dare to Dream – The Sky is the Limit” and it talked about income. We were living paycheck to paycheck at the time. I desperately wanted to earn income for my family BUT I also wanted to stay home with my kids. So with a leap of faith, I decided to try the opportunity. At first it brought in some “fun” money for home improvement, food, Starbucks, clothes, and trips. As things grew one party at a time, full-time income began to come in and our debt was slain faster than I could have imagined.

We are in a season of saving. For our Dream Farm. With huge stretch goals to save enough to build in three years, I am fired up to know that there are options out there to become free from a mountain of loans and build a financial legacy for generations to come. Don’t put your dreams on hold and let the excuses of today cloud out an abundant future. You are worth it. Give yourself permission to get “unstuck” and decide that life you choose to life. There will be a season to saying “no” to a vacation or going out to eat but in the long run, you will be glad that you did.