The science behind Norwex

Norwex’s BacLock technology is so interesting, yet many people don’t quite understand just what is going on behind the scenes (or threads) of their Norwex cloths & towels! There are two compounds that allow Norwex cloths to work the way they do.

FIRST – the MICROFIBER!!! Not just any microfiber that you can buy from your local superstore. Imagine using a ball of plastic to wipe down your countertops. That is basically what using any cotton cloth is equivalent to, because cotton has not been through the splitting process. This means it is not nearly as absorbent, or able to grab and hold as sufficiently, as microfiber. Now imagine looking at your Norwex cloth through a microscope. The fibers look like miniature windmills, each with splits able to swipe and scoop and HOLD ON TO bacteria! Norwex microfiber is 1/200th the size of human hair and the EnviroCloth contains more than 3 million meters of fiber. That blows my mind!

SECOND – Norwex’s BacLock feature! Most people are confused as to how the silver is working to clean their Norwex cloths/towels. The silver does NOT kill bacteria, it DEACTIVATES bacteria – quite the interesting process! How does this happen, you may ask? Just like this: 

  1. Breakdown of a cell’s life supporting functions by inhibiting the transmembrane transport, thereby starving the bacterium
  2. Inactivation of intracellular enzymes that“digest the food”
  3. Damage the bacterium cell’s DNA so that it cannot reproduce

So all the bacteria that your microfibers just grabbed up and held onto are introduced to the silver ions, and then deactivated! 

Norwex even hired a 3rd party lab to test product effectiveness and they found that Norwex cloths removed 99% of bacteria from surfaces. They also found that cross-contamination does not occur when wiping multiple surfaces, because your cloth literally holds on to all the bacteria until you wash it! If you have any questions about the science behind your cloths, feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to help you find answers.