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Daily Archives: August 24, 2018

September Host Rewards!

What a lovely month the be a hostess!! Norwex is being super generous with their hostess rewards for the month of September. I’m breaking down all the September hostess goodies below!



Chenille Hand Towel – One of my family’s favorites! We have these in our bathrooms, our kitchen, all over! I love how it grips onto whatever you decide to hook it on (oven, hand towel ring, etc) so kids can’t pull it off and leave it on the floor.

Coastal Body Pack – These body cloths are great for removing makeup without chemicals. They also feel amazing!

Travel Pack – Now includes FIVE cloths in some beautiful new colors! These guys are always so handy to have while out and about, especially with cold & flu season approaching.

Envirocloth – The EVERYTHING cloth! You can never have enough of these around.

Lip Balm – Yummy Black Raspberry flavor with no chemicals!

Optic Scarf – This cloth will make your glasses, phones, iPads etc. so clear it’ll feel like you got a new pair!

Norwex Napkins – I LOVE Norwex Napkins. Such a simple and effective way to cut down on paper towel and napkin waste in your home.

Hand Towel – Another great item to have around the house wherever you wash your hands. Woven with silver, these guys remove yucky bacteria you might have missed while washing in the sink.

Bath Towel – My family really loves the bath towels. They also have silver woven in which prevents them from getting that stinky mildew smell that towels usually get after just a couple uses. You don’t have to launder these as often & they are super absorbent!

Bathroom Scrub Mitt – This guy is wonderful at removing bathroom grime in the sink, toilet, shower, etc. It has a super scrubby texture that helps lift off all the bacteria and ick that bathrooms harbor.

PLUS there is a shopping spree added to this package for anything in the catalog!!

So there you have it – hosting rewards for the month of September! I would love for you to receive these amazing gifts and Norwex your home for FREE, so if you’d like to book a September party, let’s talk about it today!