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Norwex Veggie & Fruit Cloth and Wash for Thanksgiving cooking!

The holiday season is upon us and first up is one of my personal favorites – THANKSGIVING! I wanted to pop in and tell you guys about the amazing Veggie & Fruit cloth and Wash – and why you should totally purchase one (or both!) before loads upon loads of food are brought into your kitchen for Thanksgiving cooking.


The Veggie & Fruit Cloth is wonderful for scrubbing fresh produce before consuming. Many growers use toxic treatment on produce to protect it from critters and fungus, which is NOT something you want to end up in your tummy. Many growers also utilize wax spray to coat produce to prevent it from decaying quickly. This waxy layer is great at catching unwanted dirt, grime, and bacteria – even if you can’t see it! The cloth has 2 sides, one scrubby side used to remove dirt and bacteria, and a softer side for polishing off produce like fruit. I’ve found this works wonders for cleaning off potatoes and carrots, two mega popular foods in our house for our Thanksgiving meal!


The Produce Wash is so quick to use. Simply fill up your sink with water and add the suggested amount of Produce Wash, then let your veggies and fruits quickly soak before removing! I shared last week how our family made and canned 104 quarts of homemade applesauce. The Produce Wash was a HUGE help. It effectively removes unwanted chemical residue from fertilizers, dirt and bacteria. The plant-based formula contains no phosphates, sulfates or parabens so you can feed your family without worry. Plus, it helps to extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables! This awesome Produce Wash can bring you peace of mind as you serve your delicious Thanksgiving meal to family and friends!



You can click on either picture to order yours today!

Simple & Effective Ways to Reduce Waste

Last weekend, our family made & canned 104 quarts of applesauce! We try to do this every year or so, and it gets easier as the kids get older – but the demand sure does increase! Canning is one way we try to cut down on waste as a family.

It’s a win-win because the day of canning (and I mean WHOLE day!) is such a fun time and the kids love being able to help. Everyone has a role, even if it’s toddling around with an apple in each hand munching away, AND we get a few months worth of applesauce with no can waste! The day of canning got me thinking about other creative ways we can continue to reduce waste. Here are a few of my favorites!


Makeup Cloths –

These are the ultimate chemical free facial cleansing cloths. Most store bought makeup removing cloths are soaked with chemicals that are not kind to your skin. This suede like material does an amazing job at removing makeup – foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc, WITHOUT chemicals! Store bought makeup removal wipes can be expensive! Using 1 or 2 a day really adds up. Just think how big of a difference it would make if you didn’t have to reach for a disposable makeup removal wipe every night!

Click the picture to buy yours today!


Counter cloths –

You can read my in-depth blog post about Counter Cloths herebut to keep things short, I LOVE these guys! My family uses them almost constantly in the kitchen. They are such an amazing alternative to paper towels. Even the same size as a half paper towel sheet, but better! Honestly we use these guys so much I can’t even imagine how many paper towels we would go through if we used them. They clean up messes and most importantly, stop the growth and spread of icky bacteria, mold, and mildew with BacLock.

Click the picture to buy yours today!



The “everything” cloth! I always say you can never have too many of these puppies! It’s amazing how many messes these have cleaned in my home with 6 kids, chickens, and our huge pup. These cloths can do it all (except dishes)! If you’ve yet to try Norwex products, start here with this guy! Read more about what makes the Envirocloth so awesome here!

Click the picture to buy yours today!


Silicone Container/Cup Lids

If you find yourself reaching for aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover dishes often, these could be a great solution for you! They are so versatile and able to fit over almost all types of pots/pans/bakeware/cups/etc. Stock up on a few of these Silicone Lids and say goodbye to the plastic wrap problem!

Click the picture to buy yours today!


Reusable Wet Wipes bag

This is a lovely idea for families with kiddos on the go! I know for us, every time we’re out and about the kids touch things with germs, get sticky fingers, wipe boogers on their fingers, and so on! Fill one of the Reusable Wet Wipes bags with a few moist Travel Size Envirocloths, and you’re all set. Remove yucky bacteria and germs on the go without going through any disposable wipes!

Click the picture to buy yours today!



Plastic straws are a HUGE environmental issue these days! In America, we use over 500 million plastic straws per day – and most of those end up in the ocean, polluting the water & killing ocean life. Did you know at least 267 different species have been affected by plastic pollution in the ocean? If we can’t get this problem under control, by 2050 there will be more PLASTIC in our oceans than FISH. That just isn’t right!! YOU can help make a change! I’ve been so happy to see some popular restaurants and cafes making changes to help reduce the amount of plastic straw waste, and you can join the fight too! These stainless steel straws are perfect for at home or on the go. Keep a couple in your purse or car so you’re able to say no to plastic straws while dining out. Seriously, every time you say no adds up and is one less straw in our oceans. Let’s keep this earth beautiful!

Click the picture to buy yours today!


Grocery bags

Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes. Another easy way to reduce waste is bringing your own reusable grocery bags when you go shopping instead of using their disposable ones! The average American family takes home 1,500 plastic shopping bags in a year – but only 1 percent of plastic bags are returned for recycling. That means that the average family only recycles 15 bags a year; the rest ends up in landfills as litter. Holy smokes! There are so many better uses for those than going home with us! For example – Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, which require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. It only takes about 14 plastic bags for the equivalent of the gas required to drive one mile. 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic bags annually, and one in three leatherback sea turtles have been found with plastic in their stomachs.

Click the picture to buy yours today!

Guys, we CAN make a difference and we are responsible for taking care of our earth. Think of a few ways you can join the fight to reduce waste in your life and let’s start making those changes today!

October is my Favorite

Here we are!  Halfway through October with fall in full swing.  Don’t you just love the chilly nights followed by the warm sun, lighting up the changing colors and peeking into our windows.  (Unless you live in northeast, which likely has the sun blazing in all its glory above a thick layer of heavy clouds, but take heart – it is still there shining away).


We just went through all the fall/winter clothing for the kids.  It took a while, and fortunately we only needed about 36 pairs of pants and 28 long-sleeved shirts.  Praise the Lord that our trip to VA Beach goes right by the Williamson Outlet Mall.  Oshkosh had a door buster sale; buy one pair of pants, get two pairs free.


All of our windows are open.  Cold night air wafts through bringing our house temps into the 50s.  But the daytime air lifts the temperature into the high 60s.  These days won’t last much longer.  The kids have figured out that layering up is the answer, but where do socks go?  My oldest has lost all her socks in the heat of summer, and is now fraught with anguish for her careless treatment of the socks.


October is also one of busiest months for Norwex.  Parties are happening everywhere.  Thoughts of holiday guests and subsequent cleaning probably drive your thoughts to clean corners and shiny showers.  Maybe fear of the cold and flu season has you clutching your EnviroCloth and inhaling through it like a facemask during the SARs panic of 2003.  It could be that Norwex makes a great gift, and partying is a way to get incredible amounts of free products!  What about that whole get-dark-early thing that has us pining for companionship and connection when the sun sets and it is only 6:00?  Whatever the case is having friends over to celebrate this special time of year, panicked thoughts of visitors, or just a “late evening” to share the truth of Norwex, October is the time to do it!


Also, if you are looking for some extra cash, ask me about the business!  It is a very rewarding opportunity!


Don’t forget, take walks, snuggle, drink hot cider, plan for the holidays to keep the stress low, and clean like your life depends on it.

September Host Rewards!

What a lovely month the be a hostess!! Norwex is being super generous with their hostess rewards for the month of September. I’m breaking down all the September hostess goodies below!



Chenille Hand Towel – One of my family’s favorites! We have these in our bathrooms, our kitchen, all over! I love how it grips onto whatever you decide to hook it on (oven, hand towel ring, etc) so kids can’t pull it off and leave it on the floor.

Coastal Body Pack – These body cloths are great for removing makeup without chemicals. They also feel amazing!

Travel Pack – Now includes FIVE cloths in some beautiful new colors! These guys are always so handy to have while out and about, especially with cold & flu season approaching.

Envirocloth – The EVERYTHING cloth! You can never have enough of these around.

Lip Balm – Yummy Black Raspberry flavor with no chemicals!

Optic Scarf – This cloth will make your glasses, phones, iPads etc. so clear it’ll feel like you got a new pair!

Norwex Napkins – I LOVE Norwex Napkins. Such a simple and effective way to cut down on paper towel and napkin waste in your home.

Hand Towel – Another great item to have around the house wherever you wash your hands. Woven with silver, these guys remove yucky bacteria you might have missed while washing in the sink.

Bath Towel – My family really loves the bath towels. They also have silver woven in which prevents them from getting that stinky mildew smell that towels usually get after just a couple uses. You don’t have to launder these as often & they are super absorbent!

Bathroom Scrub Mitt – This guy is wonderful at removing bathroom grime in the sink, toilet, shower, etc. It has a super scrubby texture that helps lift off all the bacteria and ick that bathrooms harbor.

PLUS there is a shopping spree added to this package for anything in the catalog!!

So there you have it – hosting rewards for the month of September! I would love for you to receive these amazing gifts and Norwex your home for FREE, so if you’d like to book a September party, let’s talk about it today!

Making a HUGE Impact with just a Little Cloth (change)

Today I want to share about the AMAZING Counter Cloths! These cloths can be used just like an Enviro Cloth, but their main goal is to cut down (or completely replace) use of paper towels. These guys are great in your kitchen for so many reasons. They come in a variety of colors to match your own kitchen. The microfiber is textured in a way that maximizes the amount of liquid/food/dirt/etc the cloth can pick up. Anything that you usually grab a paper towel for, these guys can be used instead! They are even shaped just like a half sheet of an average paper towel used for wiping up messes – but these cloths pick up so much more mess, and bacteria, than a regular paper towel. Not only do the Counter Cloths do a better job cleaning (did I mention they remove 99% of bacteria using only the cloth and water?!), but they can really make a wonderful impact on our planet. Did you know 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year? That’s over 45 pounds of paper towels per person, per year. Holy cow that’s a lot!

My family decided to totally replace paper towel use with Norwex products instead, and the Counter Cloth is definitely one of my favorites in the kitchen. Maybe your family is not ready to completely stop using paper towels, then maybe you could consider this – 544,000 trees could be saved each year if each US household used JUST ONE LESS roll of paper towels! We can make a huge difference in our environment just by slowly replacing our habits. I challenge you to say no to at least one (or more) rolls of paper towels and use these awesome Counter Cloths instead!